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Dreamy Castle Proposal

Dan and Lauren had been dating for 7 years. Dan decided that it was time for him to finally propose to Lauren, the wait for the proposal was totally worth it. When Dan contacted us to capture the proposal, we could tell right away that he wanted to make it very special for her. He wanted this day to be a stamp of their true love and a celebration of their time together. And what better place than at the dreamy Castillo Di Amorosa. The castle is literally the castle of love; the food, the wine, the wonderful rooms inside the castle, and the extravagant Tuscany look of it made it all perfect for these two love bird's proposal.

When we met Dan and Lauren, we instantly clicked with them, they are both fun and had such an amazing chemistry, there is no doubt that they are meant for each other. The way that they looked to one another and the way they smiled, was truly something special. They were super outgoing and very fun to be around, they just had such a good vibe and energy that we still can not stop talking about their beautiful images and their amazing personalities. We asked them if they wanted to share their beautiful love story with us and we loved the fact that they both answered our questions. Talk about early teamwork!

We wish them the best of what this world can offer to them in their new life together. Congratulations Lauren and Dan!

How did you guys meet?

Dan: At Pebble Creek golf course. She was the cutest cart girl.

What was the thing that attracted you to him/her?

Dan: Her beautiful smile

How long have you guys been together?

7 years

When did you know he was the one?

Lauren: After a couple of dates, everyone would mention that I was smiling more, was more at ease, and I felt I was genuinely just completely happy in my life and for once didn't feel like anything was missing. I felt fulfilled and knew I needed him in my life forever. He made things easier in my life, made the bad days better and is just an absolute joy to be around. He's fun, his smile is infectious and he gets along with everyone including my closest friends and family who mean the world to me.

What is the favorite thing about you guys as a couple?

Our personalities Meld perfectly. Everyone always comments on our infectious chemistry and we are often told that we are always smiling without even realizing it. We Both love to have a good time whether it be going out to a bar, trying a new restaurant or just staying in and cooking together.

What made the proposal special for you?

Lauren: It was at Castello di Amorosa, which is stunningly beautiful. Additionally, it was coming up on our 7 year anniversary and I was getting worried that it would never happen! He had asked my parents permission beforehand, which meant a lot to me. This was also the first time I visited the west coast. The experience as a whole was surreal, the weather was perfect, and the entire day was truly magical.

Where you expecting to get engaged that day?

Lauren: I had an idea that it may happen at some point on this trip, partly because Napa is beautiful and known to be very romantic and partially because I was just really hoping it was coming soon.

What was your favorite part of the proposal?

Lauren: Every single part of the proposal was my favorite. The stunning castle, the gorgeous weather, the fact that we had a photographer and videographer there to capture it all since its such an emotional and surreal experience it's easy to blackout at the moment and not remember it all while you're wrapped up in the moment. The gorgeous multi-colored fall leaves, the fact that the love of my life was finally asking me to be his forever .. the list goes on.

What makes you love him/her the most?

Dan: I love how kind and caring she is, and also how amazing her personality is. She is hysterical, does great impressions, is qwerky, but perhaps most important of all, she grounds me and makes me a better person. It doesn’t hurt that she is beautiful on top of it all.

What advice do you have for people that can't find "true love"?

Keep looking and don't settle. Sometimes you have to be willing to put yourself out there and not be afraid of what can happen or getting hurt. Be yourself, but also give yourself the opportunity to meet others.

Thank you, Lauren and Dan, for sharing this intimate moment in your lives! We are so honored to have met such wonderful and beautiful people!



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