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A Proposal with Tears of Joy!

It was not an ordinary day for Austin, he had been planning the perfect proposal for weeks and finally, the day was here! Austin got on his knee and asked Rachel to marry him on on July 13, 2019. Rachel of course said YES! This proposal was full of emotion and a lot of happy tears! Rachel was not expecting to be engaged on that beautiful Napa Valley afternoon. The day was planned out for them as they arrived to the Castello di Amorosa located in Calistoga California. Austin had a beautiful day arranged for them from beginning to end. As they arrived to the Castle all the details for the engagement were planned by their amazing team; Daneeka and Angie are experts in proposals, and of course Louis Romo Photography was there to capture the moment that would be a special mark in their lives.

We've asked the couple to answer a few questions and also wanted them to share a few words of advise for anyone searching for love. Take a look at this beautiful love story.

How did you guys meet? We met on a dating app that had us fill out a questionnaire. We were rated the highest match for each other and decided to reach out. We both sent each other a message at the exact same second! Shortly after we went on our first date and knew this was something special!

What was the thing that attracted you to him/her? Her compassion and his sense of humor!

How long have you guys been together? 3 years next month.

When did you know he was the one? I knew he was the one after our first date that lasted 8 hours. It was like we had known each other for years!

What is the favorite thing about you guys as a couple? We bring out the best qualities in each other. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing, as long as we’re together everything makes sense.

Where you expecting to get engaged? I knew it was coming but had no idea it would be that day!

What was your favorite part of the proposal? The elaborate plans to throw me off! I was told we won a raffle and the prize was to go to the top of the tower. I believed every second until he got down on one knee!

Who did you contact right after being engaged? Our parents were waiting at a restaurant down the road.

What advice do you have for people that can't find "the love of their lives"? Focus on doing what makes you happy and trust in the timing of your journey. Everything truly happens for a reason!

What makes you love him/her the most? I love how he makes me laugh under any circumstance. I know we will always be laughing in the years to come! I love how compassionate, loving, supportive, and caring she is.

What would be the one thing that you want him/her to know if he/she was not in your life? We both only want love and happiness for each other no matter what.

Rachel and Austin, we are so happy to have been there to capture this very special moments in your lives. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your engagement! Wishing you guys the best that this world can offer.

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